Sunday, October 2, 2011

Monday Musings - 3rd Oct, 2011

Man, for the start of Spring (living in Australia and all), it's been quite chilly both last night and this morning. Suits me fine though. Perfect weather for writing Monday Musings!

Persona 4 (PS2)

I didn't actually play too much this week, but i have kept to my single game plan outlined in last week's column. I'm nearing the end of Rise's dungeon and have maxed out Yosuke's S link (and am close to maxing out Yukiko's).

I've been working on both the Nanako and Dojima S Links in the evenings when they're available. They both require additional levels in expression so i find myself constantly grinding stats in my room through the different jobs (i am also trying to raise understanding and diligence for other purposes). Having said that, there's nothing that feels like a bigger let down and time waster in this game than activating an S link and then getting the generic "you have spent some time with this person" message. I know the trick about having a persona of the same arcana summoned when you talk to them as that gives extra points towards reaching a new link level, and i know that giving the right responses during one of these sections will make the next level easier to obtain (though i don't always say the right thing when these choices come up)... but i spent four nights trying to activate the next Nanako link level.. and then when i was finally able to do so, my expression wasn't high enough to continue. That certainly was a kick in the pants ><

The Cat and the Coup (indie)

This is this week's indie title. It's free on steam or can be obtained through the link above and doesn't take long to download or play. I was made aware of it through last week's episode of Extra Creditz (amazing show for those who like to explore beneath the surface of gaming). It's a short playable timeline of Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh, the first democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran. You play his cat and you interact with objects to play through significant points in his life of politics and the coup that imprisoned him.

The art style is fairly unique and the way the game flows from event to event is impressive (like you're travelling from scene to scene on a giant mosaic painting). The gameplay is fairly basic, and i don't think anyone will get stuck as to what to do on any of the game's short puzzles, but as it ended i was quite impressed. If anything, i took 13 minutes and played through a perspective on a part of history i knew nothing about.

Final Thoughts

A short intro and video test for a weekly gaming series i plan to produce. I'll most likely post new episodes on this blog. I'm gonna get working on episode 1 this week.

Yeah, that's all i'm going to talk about in this week's final thoughts. It's a short musings.

Till next week, happy gaming all!

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