Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Musings - 10th Oct, 2011

Well i am feeling a little down and out, and the musings are a little later than usual, but it is Monday and i will muse dammit! Let's do this!

Persona 4 (Ps2)

I'm closing in on where i left the game last time... and i got this awful realisation that i probably won't be able to finish half the S links i want to at the rate i'm going at. One reason i restarted was the perfect run i was following was sucking a lot of the freedom and fun out of the game, but now i'm starting to feel like i'm missing content. I've made my resolve that come what may i'll just try and do my best, finish the game, and then once i have that game complete save, i can new game plus a perfect run sometime in the future.

I'm at link level 9 with Yukiko and she asked me why i was spending so much time with her. I answered because she's a friend, and she got very sullen and ran off. Man, even in a video game i constantly put my foot in my mouth talking to women. I guess i should be happy that the character i'm playing does actually resemble a reflection of the player.

And what's with needing such high expression levels to talk to both Dojima and Nanako? Seriously. I'm grinding that translating job almost every night now.

Prizma Puzzle Challenges (Indie)

Can you shoot the laser to the finish tower while collecting all the stars? Oh it starts off easy and you feel like a champ, but then new towers and barriers get introduced and suddenly your head is swimming with the possibilities. It's never hard enough to frustrate you though. Less of a true puzzle game, and more a nifty pretty looking diversion. Give it a look!

Final Thoughts

So Game Trailers has been doing their top 100 game trailers countdown and it's been a fun list full of some classic trailers, and some i had never seen. One thing that struck me though was the Mass Effect 2 trailers... specifically this piece of music that played over them. I have not been moved by a piece of video game music this drastically since the Metal Gear Solid theme, and that theme moves me mainly because of the memories associated with where it plays in the games. This piece just blind sighted me. I haven't even completed Mass Effect 2 yet.

So i spent Sunday morning playing through all the Mass Effect 2 OST tracks i could find. Turns out the music was on the trailer only, and i finally found a rip of it. I must have listened to it close to 20 times yesterday. It looped in my head while at work and was earworming as i tried to get to sleep.

You never know what the trigger will be and it's different for each person, but it is pretty cool that music has this effect on people, and out of all the places to find it, it's from a video game trailer.

Here's the ripped version btw.

Till next week, happy gaming all!

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