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Monday Musings - 17th Oct, 2011

Hello there true believers! Ok, that sounded corny coming from anyone else than Stan Lee's voice. Anyhow, it's Monday and it is time to muse!

Persona 4 (Ps2)

After finishing off dungeon 4 last week, i believe i am close to dungeon 5 appearing. Now to some that would make it seem like i haven't been playing much but this is incorrect. The span in-between is close to two months. In that time i've maxed the S links of both Yukiko and Chie (who i chose to be in a relationship with), and am close to maxing Nanako, Dojima, and Kanji. I also just played through the class field trip to Port Island, which like all these sequences so far has been hilarious (especially the bit at the club).

I dunno what it is about this game but the S links create enormous empathy for these virtual characters. It's most likely a testament to the writing and design that i come to care about these problems the characters are facing, and look forward to helping them overcome their hurdles. Perhaps there's a bit of wishful thinking that overcoming weaknesses and roadblocks in real life was this easy. I know i have a ways to go till the end of the game, but this is becoming one of the best RPGs i've played.

Child of Eden (Ps3)

I bought this on the cheap and it arrived in the mail this past week. I had to give the first level a go, even though i'm still playing Persona 4. It's Rez. It's a new res with nicer graphics, a different story, and a new mechanic or two. It's awesome. At the end of the first level, i was floored by what i had experienced. I can't wait to return, and i hope the shine doesn't wear off too quickly (I hear the game is rather short so i doubt it will outwear its welcome).

The Black Lodge (indie)

This is an odd one. It's a game loosely based around twin peaks that uses Internet source code (and a healthy dose of google). Each level is a mix of sound and image. There is a trick used to get to the next level. There is a hint hidden in the source code of each page. Most levels require you to type your answer in the address bar.

For example, if the source code hint was is 'what animal is Hobbes?' and the url was http://somethingsomething/thispage.html, you'd change the thispage.html to tiger.html, and the next level will reveal itself.

A very unique and effective way to design a puzzle game. Sadly i'm stuck on level 5 and scouring forums and searching for clues has not aided me... so i decided i better stop and finish writing the musings. This is worth a look. It might not grab all of you, but it is definitely a new gaming experience for me.

Final Thoughts

I'm drawing a blank on new topics for the final thoughts this week, so let's go to an old one. I made a list quite a while ago of all the games that could possibly fit on my top game list. I thought it would make for a good post here, but i haven't been able to wheedle down any of the list... so perhaps i'll take this time to talk about my favourite game of all time - Megaman 2

This is my desert island game. I could play this over and over again to the end of time. Hell, i've probably loaded it up and made my way through the robot masters and Wily's castle hundreds of times already. To me it's just the perfect videogame. The platforming is tough but fair, the bosses are great and can realistically be defeated in any order (i have my way of tackling them, as does everyone else i talk to), and the music kicks ass on a consistent basis. I also love how every boss can be defeated with the mega buster.

I also think it's the best game in the Megaman series on the nes (yes i've completed them all). Megaman 3 comes in second place (I found myself randomly whistling Protoman's entrance theme the other day), but man, Capcom was really on their game for 2.

There are a couple other NES titles that would make my top list (the nes era was my most beloved in childhood gaming memories), and i will get around to that list sooner or later, but i foresee the Blue Bomber's second outing staying on the top of my list for the rest of my gaming days.

Till next week, happy gaming all!

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