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Monday Musings - 14 Feb 2011

Ok, let's try something new. I have a bunch of saved drafts on ideas to write about, each being about 1 or 2 paragraphs. They're probably not going to see the light of day. I need something regular so why don't i take this space and time to talk a little about some of the games i've been playing each week.

Mass Effect

I'm replaying the first one (which i find to be superior to its sequel, but perhaps that's a discussion for another day). The first time i played through this, i didn't do many side quests. I kind of just barreled through. This time i've been exploring all the planets and completing every task that crosses my path. I'm still playing a paragon (i just can't be an asshole in these games), and have already maxed out my charm, but we'll see if anything in the side quests changes my experience with the 2nd game.


I was invited back into the game by some friends on Steam, and i decided to try a Siren (my first playthrough i played a Hunter). The host of the game was level 20, so pretty much all the missions were off limits to me (i still got exp though). I was powerleveled to 14, and started a single player game to catch up storywise (and to get some elemental guns that were level appropriate).

I forgot how fun and beautiful the game is, especially with other people. It's a shame about the way the game handles multiplayer in relation to where people are in the plot (level 14 and i had to go through that intro bit with Claptrap).

Oh, one thing i've always loved about Borderlands is the way it relays story information either in a video or audio file in the top right corner. Basically, it doesn't halt the gameplay at all. A great feature that suits the run and gun style of gameplay.

World of Warcraft

I got the itch again and dove back in Friday. Thought i'd try a class i've never tried before (Mage) and thought i'd play through the opening Goblin areas. I now have a plucky female Goblin Mage named Plenky. I'm level 9 and am in the 2nd main area (on this island), and have been having a blast. Cataclysm does give you a greater sense that you're affecting the world through the narrative, especially with phasing landscapes.

We'll see how long i stick with the game this time :)


The latest game from Double Fine. The instant i heard about the concept a month or two ago (you play a small Matryoshka Doll who can hop in and take over dolls one size bigger than you), i knew i'd be buying the game. Well it dropped on Thursday here, and i bought it, and i'm loving it. The game has charm, character, great art & sound, and is just fun to play.

One thing i like is that every puzzle has multiple solutions... and right after you've solved it one way (and furthered the plot), you can instantly solve it another way for more unlockables and achievements. My sense of completion has compelled me to solve every puzzle every way so far (with liberal use of the in game hint system). There's also doll collection and hijinks (playing around with each doll's unique ability), but we'll see if i really care about 100% completion once i get to the end.

For $17.95 (AU), this has been the best game featuring a doll rescuing his siblings from child labour at the hands of an evil industrialist Baron set in a 1920s silent movie i've played!

Final Thoughts

Return every Monday and I shall be writing about my gaming experiences. I might be posting in the style of my old posts later on in the week if inspiration strikes, but at least Monday Musings will be consistant.

Happy Gaming all!

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