Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dave's Top Games of 2010

I know, I know.

The blog has been neglected. That being the case though, I couldn't resist posting my top games lists. I've been doing this in various forms in various places for a few years now, though the most entertaining list was probably last year on the podcast...

Ok, here's how this will work. There are two lists. They both will be Top 6 lists (The great cult movie podcast 'Outside the Cinema' gave me the idea, and it just makes sense dammit!). Each entry will be accompanied by a small paragraph explaining the choice. The first list will be a Top 6 Wishlist. There are too many quality titles these days to play em all, and this will count down the 6 games of 2010 I have yet to experience, but want to. This will be followed by my personal Top 6 Games of 2010!

Let the countdown commence!

Top 6 Wishlist of 2010

#6 - Scott Pilgrim Vs the World

The movie was amazing. Many people have said the same about the game. I love my old school beat-em-ups and sprite art, so it is quite astonishing I haven't made time for this title yet. That shall be rectified sooner or later (I will say that for pretty much everything on this list).

#5 - Red Dead Redemption

Maybe I was burned out on GTAIV. Maybe it's cause I had played Red Dead Revolver. Whatever the reason, RDR just didn't appeal to me upon release. It's only recently at the end of the year, with the continued positive talk about the game that makes me think I should give it a try and see what all the fuss is about.

#4 - Alan Wake

I love Max Payne and its sequel. I have been waiting for Alan Wake by Remedy for years. I do not own an Xbox 360, so cannot play it. I still am holding out hope for a PC port, but am doubtful. A pity. This looks good!

#3 - Donkey Kong Country Returns

A modern reboot of the Donkey Kong Country series with devious level design and co-op play? Count me in! I just have too much on my plate game wise at the moment. This will be a must buy soon enough.

#2 - Civilization 5

The Civilization games consume me. The fifth installment would be doing the same, but i've been a poor bastard for a while so need to wait till a steam sale in the coming year knocks back the price substantially.

#1 - Kirby's Epic Yarn

This is here on a technicality (i always seem to have one of them in my lists). The technicality being it isn't being released in PAL territories till 2011. Regardless, the latest Kirby adventure looks fun, and full of wonder. It sits atop my wishlist with pride!

Some of those games might be on your personal top 6 of the year, so you might be wondering what exactly is on mine. Let us explore!

Top 6 Games of 2010

#6 - Bit.Trip.Runner

This Wiiware rhythmic platformer strikes me as the type of game that would annoy many players. It seems to click with me. The 'keep at it till you get it right' learning curve, and the zen like state you reach while dodging everything the game throws at you in time with the music earns it a spot on my list.

#5 - Alpha Protocol

A modern espionage RPG wherein your decisions have consequences. A lot of RPGs these days tout the moral choices PR but few really make you feel like they pull it off. Alpha Protocol pulled it off with gusto. I've been planning a 2nd playthrough just because i made some seriously bad choices the first time through and I wish to make amends.

#4 - Vanquish

I have only started playing Vanquish today (I had a couple games I thought might make the list this week so needed to give em a whirl). My short time playing the game gives it the #4 spot. It's got an over the top ham fisted story, and half the time i'm playing, i have no idea what i'm doing (kinda like Platinum Games' other release this year Bayonetta). That being said, the mechanics are incredibly fun and offer a nice amount of strategy to a shooter. Also, the bosses are completely over the top. The game is also quite hard, but in that good "I'll get it right this time" way.

#3 - Super Mario Galaxy 2

Funnily enough, the only sequel on my list. Super Mario Galaxy was my top game for 2007, and yes, the sequel is more of the same. As if that's somehow a bad thing! They went overboard on the level design, and the new suits and Yoshi's powers are a nice addition. A class act game all the way.

#2 - Deadly Premonition

You know that children's rhyme that has that line, "when she was good she was very very good, and when she was bad, she was horrid"? That's exactly how I feel about Deadly Premonition. The setting, characters, story, sound, and attention to detail in this game create an experience that leaves me with a smile on my face. The stiff controls, laughable animation, and periods where the game forces you to waste time bring that jubilation to a halt. I've been playing this over the period of a couple months at my friend Kenneth's place (he has a 360). We definitely have a love/hate relationship with this game.

#1 - Super Meat Boy

I haven't had this much fun playing a videogame for a while. Tight Controls, inspired level design, tons of secrets, and bursting with gamer nostalgia. This game chews you up, spits you out, and has you coming back for more. There's not really much more I can say. If you've played it, you either know what i'm talking about or think i'm crazy. Either way, i'm fine with that!

So that's the ol' Top Games list. 2011 is shaping up to be a great gaming year so we'll see what it brings. Feel free to post your own lists in response. I'd love to see what everyone else enjoyed this year.

Happy Gaming!

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