Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Musings - 27th Feb, 2012

It's Monday, and summer is not yet over but it's making sure we know that. Ugh. Let us muse!

Chrono Trigger (DS)

Lavos has been defeated! As the Black Omen fights lead into the Lavos fights i plowed through most everything. Queen Zeal really annoyed me with her 'reduce party HP to 1' attack, but was overcome with minimal fuss. Lavos itself wasn't an issue till its final form, and then it was just a case of equipping the right accessories and attacking the right points.

For the ending i got a nice cut-scene with an odd ending for Lucca. This was after a rather ridiculous bit in the castle and on the fairgrounds. All in all i was pretty satisfied. There are 12 other endings apparently and even though i could most likely plow through new game+, there are so many games i wish to play that i'm moving on.

Well, moving back...

Borderlands (PC)

I felt the urge to play this again so re-downloaded it on steam (took me a day and a half. Stupid ADSL 2 with the house so far from the exchange). I started a new Siren character and as i type this, i have just defeated Moe and Marley, the annoying skag boss brothers. The visual style mixed with the loot drops really keep me coming back (i've sunk almost 60 hours into the game since buying it... and not only is that number sure to rise, but i imagine compared to some gamers, that's a rather low number).

I won't lie either that watching the trailer for Borderlands 2 last week put the first game on my mind again. I haven't played through any of the DLC. The first time i tried, i played the zombie one and got bored pretty quickly, but then i could just be mad that my awesome acid revolver had no effect on the undead.

Also on Saturday i bought myself a new monitor. My old one from 2006 only did 1400 x 1050 and was a 4:3, this new one is widescreen (24") and does 1920 x 1080. The colour is really nice too. Needless to say, this might also be why Borderlands is so engrossing once again. I'm feeling a lot more immersed with this huge screen in front of me.

Final Thoughts

Talking about new monitors, i have a story to tell. Back when i was lanning around 2000 or so, my monitor i owned for years. It was a 19" CRT from the early 90s. The back on this thing was huge! It was the hardest part of packing up to head to a lan as it was quite heavy. Also, the screen glowed when you turned it off. My friend James dubbed it the 'Radiation King'.

One day i was lanning next to a guy i hadn't met before. I turned off my monitor and it started its florescent hum. The guy looks at the monitor, looks at me, and exclaims, "You're in clan Atomic aren't you?".

Good times!

Anyhow, since this week's musings are rather light, here's the link to the Borderlands 2 trailer if you haven't seen it

And here's a preview of another game that i'm pretty excited for, Guild Wars 2. It's looking mighty fine!

Till next week, happy gaming all!


  1. I will admit I kind of want Borderlands 2. Though Diablo 3 is the main thing I want. If/when I get Borderlands 2 I'll make sure to get it for the PC this time.

  2. I must admit that Diablo 3 has waned quite a lot in my looking forward to it. It most likely will be amazing but we shall see.

    My most anticipated game Journey gets released at the start of March though so i'm pumped for that :D