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Monday Musings - 20th Feb, 2012

And now dear readers we begin year 2 of Monday Musings. How a-musing. Hur hur hur. *ahem* let us begin.

Chrono Trigger (DS)

I probably would have been done with the game by this time but i most likely will finish off the experience tonight. I went to Death Peak, swore at fighting three Lavos spawn, and got my party member back (sometimes it's harder than it looks to be intentionally vague when discussing story points of games without giving anything away, even old games that most likely everyone has played). So most of the week was side quest time (i like RPGs that tend to have their sidequests at the end of the experience). I got myself a sun stone, overcame Frog's guilt, made sure the Fiend generals would do no more harm, grew a forest in a desert (while helping Lucca overcome her past... literally), and saved Marle's father from an evil councillor. I'm now primed and ready to take on the Black Omen and finally defeat Lavos.

Wish me luck people!

Deadly Premonition (360)

Last time on Deadly Premonition: I thought our next play session would be our last. I was wrong! Now, the thrilling almost conclusion!

So yeah, turns out that boss fight in the clock tower led to a huge revelation, coupled by a really annoying elongated combat sequence, which was then punctuated by a boss battle with the real raincoat killer. In the battle, they went super saiyan. No joke. So after the fight, York collapses and we get more introspective dialogue in his mind, but oops, the game isn't over yet. I never trusted that character and now it looks like there's one loose end to wrap up in this case. I'm calling it now for reals, the next play session will see the completion of this game Kenneth and I have been playing off and on for over a year now.

It will be sad to see it go. If anything it made for some vague and entertaining tweets.

Final Thoughts

So like most people i don't get much play out of my Wii. Hilarious double entendre aside it's a shame cause i've enjoyed the system since buying it launch day and have enjoyed the majority of the games i've played on it (ok so Skyward Sword left me a little cold, but i might return to it someday). With that in mind, i find it interesting that out of the four games i'm fairly excited to buy in the first quarter of this year, two of them are on the Wii (the third being Journey on the PS3 which now drops early March, and the final being the long awaited PC release of Alan Wake).

What makes this funnier is that these two games are PAL localizations of games from previous years. I'm talking of course about The Last Story and Bit.Trip Complete. Living in the PAL market and owning a console that is region specific (with the Wii actually being the only main console of this gen that is), waiting for localization can be a chore, and it always makes for some interesting best of year lists due to the wait. In 2007 Pheonix Wright was on my top list of the year because of a late PAL release, and the same was true of Persona 4 in 2009.

Now with The Last Story, there is a bit of hubris involved as the PAL region is getting this game and Xenoblade before a North American release (which almost never happens)... though the wait for NA gamers to play this game makes even less sense. At least for PAL they usually have to include the majority of European languages on the disc. For NA, there's English (And if you wanted to include Spanish as well, the PAL disc would already have that translation ripe for the taking). It shouldn't take that long to change the video signal either, but then that could be my ignorance of the matter talking. I imagine that business across global markets also has some part to play. It just never makes sense to little ol gamer me.

Ah well, these two games are finally getting their PAL release. If Bit.Trip Complete didn't appear in PAL territory this year, i would have had to import it from the US like i did with Excitebots. Yes, i jailbroke my Wii to play Excitebots. I regret nothing!

Till next time, happy gaming all!

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