Monday, March 12, 2012

Quick Review: Borderlands

Developed by: Gearbox Software
Published by: 2k Games
Released: October, 2009 on PC, PS3, 360
Played on PC

Story: Average

While nothing too engaging, Borderlands had some colourful characters and an interesting world. They also get points for mostly telling the story through audio logs and video in the upper right corner as to not disturb gameplay.

Mechanics: Good

Two words; shoot and loot. With critical hit points on all the enemies, a talent tree for each of the four distinct classes, and the amusement of the crazy car physics coupled with the drive for treasure, it provides a unique first person shooting experience, though does kind of overstay its welcome with the length of the campaign.

Aesthetics: Good

The cell shaded wasteland is gorgeous. Everything pops color wise and there's a grand sense of scale. Voice acting is great, making the characters come alive, and most of the sound effects are meaty and satisfying (although the constant 'burning to death' noise got tiresome on my last play).

Technology: Good

There were a couple screen tearing issues, and the Gamespy friend system for co-op is a joke, but aside from these complaints, the game runs smoothly in both co-op and single player.

Overall: Good

Especially now with all the DLC released and the constant Steam sales, you can pick the game up cheap and it's well worth the price. With friends it's a blast, and even in single player, the visuals, characters, and most importantly the constant treasure hunting for that better weapon or shield will keep you playing for hours.

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