Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Musings - 2nd May 2011

It's been a busy day and the musings are a little later than normal, but it is still Monday and there have been video games played.

Final Fantasy XIII

Remember last week how i maxed out my Crystarium only to deal with this one boss that impeded my progress for the entire week? Well i completely dropped him first go. Well ok, there was one period where i thought his cheap tricks might cost me the fight, but i weathered the storm and he went down. I always have to tell myself as these boss fights are coming to a close not to get cocky and forget myself. In the first Barthandelus fight i found myself trying to hurry things up and it cost me dearly.

So now i'm in chapter 12 and am plodding along to the end of the game. There is a creature i have had to fight known as the Ademanchelid. It's a gigantic brontosaurus turtle that hurts you for a lot of damage everytime it stomps the ground (and it does this a lot). Luckily i have the haste spell so that helps things. There are also lots of 3 way fights now. Pre-emptive strikes are getting harder to pull off which can make these fights annoying as both parties turn their attention on you.

Portal 2

I haven't played too much more this week, but i am enjoying the ramblings of Cave Johnson. The gels also are a fun addition to the game. I'm trying to be as spoiler free as possible, since i think there's like 1 other guy aside from me who hasn't completed the game yet. I'm doing this for him!

The Lord of the Rings Online

I'm in the old forest questing before i go find Tom Bombadil's house. I'm really coming into my class now and the game is making more sense. I will say though, general chat in this game is just as bad as any other MMO. Maybe it's just me but when i want to know something, i look it up. I saw the same questions being asked over and over and over and over and over again in a 2 hour gaming session last night. And even though it costs real life money, i do think it's kind of cool you can buy your riding skill and mount at level 5. I'm saving up the free turbine points the game awards you to purchase my riding skill, and i have enough in game currency to buy a mount. I'm gonna hold out on buying points and upgrades as long as i can.

I've also been getting the itch to return to WoW again. It was the video i watched for the 4.1 update. Damn they announce their patches with great media. I feel like rolling a troll rogue again. Khalulakhaki shall live once more. I keed, i keed... i'm having fun with LotRO and it costs me nothing. WoW can wait.

Final Thoughts

I think i will use this section here for another plug this week. Last week was GoG, this week is a new feature at GameTrailers i am really enjoying. It's called 'Level', and they take a couple of minutes to explore a great level in videogames. is a link to their 2nd ep about the ice mansion in Twilight Princess (heh, link). I love little looks back at great things in videogames, and GT does some good ones (i also really love their pop fiction segment).

Well till next week, happy gaming all. I have plans for a new segment to test out on this blog, so there might be a post on Friday, but if not, see ya Monday for more musings!

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